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The project of the support system project (the following projects, photovoltaic support and accessories are supplied by our factory)

1., central Xiang Xiangshan 25MWp photovoltaic grid connected power generation project

2. TBEA Xinjiang New Energy Company 20MWp fixation

3. world Ulan 20MWp grid connected photovoltaic power generation project

4. Inner Mongolia Damaoqi 25MWp grid connected photovoltaic power generation project

5. Inner Mongolia Wulatezhongqi 50MWp photovoltaic power station

6. Republic Longyangxia 125MWp photovoltaic power generation project

7. Xinjiang Kashi 50MWp photovoltaic power generation project

8. Xinjiang Hetian 50MWp photovoltaic power generation project

9. Xinjiang Hami 75MWp photovoltaic power generation project

10. Gulang two phase 100MWp fixed PV power station

11. Chengde photovoltaic two phase 80MWp power generation project

12. Tibet Shigatse 25MWp solar photovoltaic power plant

13. Xi'an photovoltaic 100MWp solar photovoltaic power plant

14. Wuwei photovoltaic 120MWp solar photovoltaic power plant

15. Yunnan photovoltaic 50MWp solar photovoltaic power plant

16. Zhangjiakou photovoltaic 130MWp solar photovoltaic power plant

Prudential wisdom Thai steel project list (the following engineering steel supplied by our company)

1. Beijing steel Station structural engineering

2. Beijing Zhongguancun science and Technology Park Exhibition Hall

3. 、 Beijing the Great Wall automobile comprehensive inspection shop

4. emerging Fukuda construction company

5. Yanjing Brewery around the factory

6. Xianghe Furniture City

7. TianJin West Railway Station steel structure engineering

8. Tianjin Port South Xinjiang 9#10# berth yard expansion project

9. Tianjin neutral factory building

10. 、 coating workshop of Tianjin thermal coated steel sheet Co., Ltd.

11. Tianjin Bandung group alley mall

12. Tianjin (LG Microelectronics) Engineering

13. 、 Tianjin Toyota Auto Body Co Xiqing Development Zone factory building

14. Tianjin City Longyuan 2# Plant Biotechnology Co. Ltd.

15. Tianjin Aorui expansion project

16. 、 Tianjin Novartis workshop

17. Audi City Hall ---- Ningbo Olympic Games

18. Hebei Juli group type lock steel structure plant

19. the relocation of Shougang Caofeidian project

Rushan Hualong Food Co. Ltd., Shandong 20.

21. Shandong 3# aquatic products trading center

22. 、 Huadian Katie power project

23. East NC Gushan Industrial Park 1# District, B A workshop steel structure engineering

Shandong Hengbang engineering 24.

25. Jiaonan Dongjiakou port

26., Dalian bonded factory Hing Island plant

27. Dalian ship construction project

Dalian 28. machine tool factory and Dalian heavy plant relocation project

29. Datong Airport terminal, Shanxi

30. Inner Mongolia Yili dairy factory building

31. Mengniu Dairy Factory in Inner Mongolia

32. South Korean automotive plant

33. Changchun FAW plant

34. Fai Fai Logistics Engineering

35. the Grande Canale Forest Park Studios

36. Changtu state reserve grain depot

37. Fushun 6409 force project

38. Xuzhou Shunyi Aviation Industry Park

39. Harbin Saifeiya Engineering

40. Harbin Hafei Automobile Manufacturing Industrial Project

41. Harbin top 100 International Automobile City

42. Harbin AVIC industrial building project

43., Harbin Qu Jia furniture production base of steel structure engineering

44. Shaanxi Xi'an Xihang warehouse

45. 、 Hami Changhe group Changqing agricultural and livestock Co., Ltd. workshop

46. 、 Xinjiang sugar storage project

47. Chongqing Wanzhou project

48. Yiwu inland port station storage steel structure engineering

The real 49. Yunnan Luyuan Food Factory Trading

50. Da Guang Hui Autonomous County Beijing Benz Automobile Co MFA temporary office

51. mass media industry base

52. Ning Tian intercity rail transit phase I Project

53. Changlu station steel structure engineering

The 54. Xinhai municipal building project

Sri Lanka International Exhibition Centre 55.

56. presidential palace in Mauritius

57. days Li (Mauritius) spinning Co., Ltd.

58. Burma power plant

59. Doha BBC Industrial Park Project

60. Niger thermal power plant project

61. India Essar steel project

62. Kampuchea de cotton group construction project

63. Sri Lanka International Exhibition Centre Project

64. Mongolia juice factory

65. Azerbaijan aluminium plant

66. IL Cusick gold smelter

67.. VALLOUREC Mannesmann seamless steel tube plant expansion project of steel structure


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