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Procedures for the operation of plasma cutting machines

First, before use and when cutting

1., should check and confirm the power supply, gas source, water source, no leakage, leakage, leakage, grounding or zero, safe and reliable.

2., the car, the workpiece should be placed in an appropriate position, and should make the workpiece and cutting circuit to connect the positive, cutting work surface should be equipped with slag pit.

3. according to the workpiece material, the type and thickness of the selected nozzle diameter, internal shrinkage adjustment cutting power supply, gas flow rate and electrode.

4. automatic cutting trolley shall be operated by empty car, and the cutting speed shall be selected.

5. operators must wear protective masks, gloves, hats, electric membrane anti-dust masks and soundproof earmuffs. People who do not wear goggles are not allowed to observe the plasma arc directly. The exposed skin is strictly prohibited to approach the plasma arc.

6. when cutting, the operator shall stand on the windward side. It can be pulled out from the lower part of the work table, and the open area of the operating table should be reduced.

7. cut, when no-load voltage is too high, should check the electrical grounding, grounding and insulation of the torch in hand, should be the work table and the ground insulation, or in the electrical control system of circuit breaker installed load.

8. high frequency generator shall be equipped with shielding shield. High frequency arc shall be cut off immediately after high frequency arc striking.

9. the use of thorium and tungsten electrodes shall comply with article JGJ33-2001 of 12.7.8.

Two, cutting operation and coordination of personnel protection

1., the on-site use of plasma cutting machine, should be equipped with rainproof, moisture-proof, sunscreen machine shed, and should be equipped with appropriate fire equipment.

2. high altitude cutting, you must fasten the seat belt, cutting, cutting, cutting and surrounding should be taken fire precautions, and should be supervised by special personnel.

3. when the cutting pressure container, sealed containers, oil tank, pipeline, with combustible gas and workpiece when the solution should be to eliminate the pressure vessel and piping, elimination of combustible gas and then rinse solution, toxic and hazardous, flammable materials; the container has residual oil, should be the first to use steam, salt water rinse, and open the lid, confirm the container after cleaning, filled with water can be cut. Measures should be taken to prevent electric shock, poisoning and suffocation in welding and welding in containers. The cut and seal containers shall be provided with air holes. If necessary, equipment ventilation equipment shall be installed at the inlet and outlet ports; the lighting voltage in the vessel shall not exceed 12V; the welder shall be insulated from the workpiece; the outside shall be equipped with special personnel supervision. It is strictly prohibited to cut in the container that has been painted and plastic.

4. pressure on the pressure vessel and pipe, live equipment, load-bearing structures and parts loaded with flammable and explosive containers are strictly prohibited cutting.

5., no rain in the open welding. In the wet area operations, the operator should stand in the place covered with insulating materials, and should wear insulated shoes.

6. after operation, the power should be cut off and the gas source and water source should be closed.


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