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How to maintain plasma cutting machine?

1. correct assembly torch

Right, carefully install the torch, ensure all parts with good, to ensure that the gas and the cooling air. Install and put all the parts on clean lint to prevent dirt from sticking to the parts. Add proper lubricating oil to O ring, and use O ring as bright. Do not add more.

2. the consumable parts should be replaced in time before completely damaged

Do not use consumable parts completely damaged after replacement, because of severe wear of electrode, the nozzle and the vortex ring will produce plasma arc can not be controlled easily, causing serious damage to the torch. Therefore, when the quality of the cutting is found to decrease for the first time, the consumable parts should be checked in time.

The connecting thread 3. cleaning torch

In the replacement of consumables or daily maintenance inspection, must ensure that the torch inside and outside clean thread, if necessary, should be clean or repair connection threads.

4. cleaning the contact surfaces of electrodes and nozzles

In a lot of cutting torch, the contact surface of nozzle and electrode contact surface is charged, if the contact surface of the dirt, the torch is not working properly, should use hydrogen peroxide cleaning agent.

5. check gas and cooling gas every day

Check the flow and pressure of gas and cooling air every day. If the flow is insufficient or leaking, stop and stop the trouble immediately.

6. avoid torch collision damage

In order to avoid cutting collision damage, should be properly to avoid programming system overrun walk, install anti-collision device can effectively avoid the damage of the torch collision.

The damage reason of the 7. most common torch

(1) the torch collision.

(2) a destructive plasma arc due to loss of consumable parts.

(3) destructive plasma arc caused by dirt.

(4) destructive plasma arc caused by loose parts.

8. matters needing attention

(1) do not grease the cutting torch.

(2) do not over use O ring lubricant.

(3) in protection to remain on the cutting torch when splash do not spray chemicals.

(4) do not take manual torch when use hammer.


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