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What should be paid attention to the maintenance of PV support?

Tianjin photovoltaic stent manufacturers mainly produce solar photovoltaic support, distributed PV support and other types, so here to introduce the application of photovoltaic support, installation and maintenance attention:

I. material selection: steel plate, steel pipe, connecting material, connecting fastener and anticorrosive coating

Materials in photovoltaic direct the entire industry in the selection is very worthy of attention, alloy and steel after cold bending, quality first need to meet some of the material of the some factory quality such as bubbles, cracks, impurities, delamination and so on, there is a need in stent application of steel rust grade in need the standard, especially in the painting to meet the demand of steel rust regulations, quality assurance of written proof, can avoid a lot of problems on the day after.

Two 、 meet the maintenance requirement during installation

When you need to install the installation site and need to pay attention to the local well logo, laying a road construction can be maintained after the day to avoid direct contact with the photovoltaic system, pay attention to some important principles such as the mounting bracket and the connecting plate must be in position on the roof purlin.

Three, pay attention to the daily maintenance of photovoltaic support

Regularly deal with the performance of waste and debris, check whether the whole structure of the photovoltaic support system is corroded, or parts are missing and fall off. Where it needs to be sealed, pay attention to its tightness and repair it where necessary.

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